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RS Tech Inc. Mission Statement

With the numerous processes involved in the development and fabrication of integrated circuit (IC) devices, the semiconductor market must utilize the support of several industry sectors. One very important sector involves testing the IC chip at various levels of production, commonly known as "Test & Burn-in."

The various types of IC testing require different types of test hardware. Depending upon the proliferation of the IC device and the specific requirements for test, many test hardware products can be mass produced on an economic scale. However there are some discrete areas or select requirements for test where only a few, more customized, hardware items are required to satisfy the need. These products are typically fabricated using sophisticated milling machines and assembled by hand.

RS Tech's principle activities are in the pursuit of business within this latter segment of the Test & Burn-in industry, and it is to the accomplishment and success of this business venture that our mission statement was conceived.

It is our mission to create a positive identity of value, performance, and product appeal from the global proliferation of our test products into the Test and Burn-in marketplace through the development and implementation of unique, less complicated manufacturing techniques and more efficient production processes.

In fulfillment of our mission, we have set the following goals and guidelines:

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