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Interconnected Products Overview

The term "custom" is often associated with lengthy lead times or too costly to consider. In the RST world of products, “custom” is simply the use of flexible manufacturing techniques rather than a process of constant re-invention.

In our product world while each product may have its unique features, collectively they tend to share common design constructs.  And this provides us the benefit of modular design and manufacturing flexibility, regardless of the interface application.

In over two decades of conjuring up solutions for our customers, we have come to realize that “interconnect” comprises a broad definition of products.  And after the many hundreds of product solutions we have created for our customers, our manufacturing department would like to think that “we do it all.”  To better exemplify our engineering and manufacturing acumen, we have broken these products into three basic categories:  Interface Modules, Test and Hardware Fixtures, and our Value-Added Program.  With each category we have presented a few illustrations to help convey our capabilities in that area.

As you review each section please keep in mind that the illustrations are products created for specific requirements, and they may, or may not, be what you are seeking to satisfy a requirement.  Please, do not impose boundaries or restrictions on the possibility of any product solution; but do consider these illustrations as a graphic representation of our capabilities in creating your next hardware solution.

  • LIF Interface modules for connector installations                       
  • Compression interface modules for board-to-board interface
  • Probe Rings and Blocks
  • Male / Female mated connectors  
  • Custom LIF connectors
  • Stack-up modules to achieve ‘Z’ requirements
  • Interface adaptations
  • Board Stiffeners
  • Latch-up or probe rings
  • Probe blocks
  • High Performance interface modules
  • Value-Added Products and Services

Below are samples of some of the products we have created in the past.