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Automated Series Test Contactors

RST Auto Series Contactors accommodate the vast majority of auto handlers including Delta, Multi-test, Rasco, and Seiko Epson. Our contactors accommodate the many prevalent package types and contact spacing starting at 0.35 mm (on centers). If you are working at higher speeds, above 10 GHz, then our Giga-Series contactors will work for you. We also offer a variety of options, such as a clip-on lid for hand test, or specialized features built into the contactor per your request.

The photos on this web page illustrate some of the many contactor types that are available from RST. So keep in mind that the contactor you need may not be shown. Please contact us to request a specification drawing or quotation of the contactor that accommodates your specific requirement.


  • Accommodate Many Package Types
  • Pitch Spacing from 0.35mm
  • Broad Handler Application
  • Optional Lid with Compliant Pressure Pad for Hand Test
  • Broad Frequency Band Width
  • Packages from 1.00mm Sq and Up


  • Windows or Porting in Lid
  • Spring Probe Contacts
  • Underside Relief for Components
  • Can Design to Existing Layouts
  • Thermal Streaming Features
  • Optical Test or Switching Features


RS Tech uses “Quadrant TM “Black Ultem (PEI), Torlon 4203, 5500, or 5530 series plastics as well as high grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel materials in the manufacture of our contactors. The material specified will vary for each application. Please consult our factory for specifications pertaining to your particular application.


Our test sockets can accommodate a variety of environs including Temperature, Electrical, and Mechanical conditions. From room ambient test to harsh HAST test conditions, please consult our factory with your test application.