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Flex BI Series Sockets

Most IC packages can be tested economically with one of many molded socket venues supporting the Test and Burn-in industry. However, there are some IC packages and some specialized test requirements that molded sockets simply cannot accommodate. Our Flex-BI socket is just the solution for these circumstances. The Flex BI is pre-designed in several body sizes, and the nest is customized to accommodate your specific package. Using this solution we are able to design, fabricate, and deliver your burn-socket in a matter of several weeks.

Flex BI-5 and Flex BI-10 are currently in production and consequently illustrated here on our web site. Photos of other sizes Flex BI Series are in development and will be placed on our website later.

For questions or comments, or to request a specification drawing, please contact us with your specific requirement.


  Flex BI Series:
  Flex BI-5
  Flex BI-10