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High Speed GZ Socket

The GZ series is a clamshell socket designed for hand test of very high speed packages. 

  • Built on five flexible body size to accommodate nearly every IC package on the market
  • Contact versatility:
    • Direct contact for plunge-to-board testing
    • Minimum length spring probes
    • ConectFlex® membrane contact technology

Another great asset of the GZ Series is that it can be designed with many different features to accompany a variety of test requirements, such as grounding pads, thermal cooling lids, windows in the lid for thermal stream or optical sensing, or relief areas underneath for decoupling devices, etc. 

The samples shown on the right are:

  • Top - GZ-5 series shown in the open position to test a micro SOIC package; direct contact (plunge-to-board) option was used to test at above 10GHz.
  • Center – GZ-7 Series shown in the open position to test a 17x17 BGA, 1.0mm pitch, 15x15 mm package; Contact is ConectFlex® membrane for test above 9-10 GHz.
  • Bottom – GZ -5 Series with lid in closed position.  Although not revealed in the photos, these sockets had cut-out features under the body, in close proximity to the package for decouple components.  Additional optional features are available as well. 

"ConectFlex is a registered trademark of Conectl Test"

  High Speed Series: