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High Speed SC - Auto Contactor Series

RST contactors accommodate the vast majority of auto handlers including Delta, Multi-test, Rasco, and Seiko Epson. 

Because of the stringent factors involved in high speed production test these sockets are engineered with only the highest grade material available on the market, including Quadrant™ Torlon 4203, 5500, and 5530 series plastics and 3XX grade Stainless Steel. 

Our engineering department works diligently with our customers in specifying the correct material and building in any unique socket features to achieve the lowest possible electrical parameters and to make insertion loss as minimal as possible.  If you are transitioning socket hardware, we also work to match your existing footprint as well.  

Contacts used in our high speed contactors include minimum electrical length Spring Probe Contacts and ConectFlex® high frequency contact membrane.

Because of its narrow compliance window, ConectFlex® has a relatively short life span when used in conjunction with automated test handlers.  Therefore, only under special circumstances is ConectFlex® recommended as a contact mechanism for this type of test environment. 

While browsing through our High Speed Contactor section, please keep in mind that these are only representative samples of the products we produce, and the product you are seeking may not be shown on our website. Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding your specific test project.  

"ConectFlex is a registered trademark of Conectl Test"

  High Speed Series: